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Experience the pinnacle of freshness and protection with our customized deodorants. PCH Industries offers proprietary formulations tailored to your needs, ensuring top-quality performance. Our deodorants provide up to 100 hours of protection, adapting duration and conceptual ingredients to suit any requirement. Discover the ultimate in deodorant innovation with our versatile solutions.

Wax strips

Experience superior hair removal with our depilatory wax strips, formulated with up to 100% organic and ecological ingredients. Designed for sensitive skin, these professional-quality strips provide gentle and effective hair removal. We specialize in customizing packaging and formulas to meet your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and high-quality experience. Discover the best in natural, professional-grade hair removal solutions with PCH Industries.


Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin with our specially formulated depilatory creams. Designed to eliminate unpleasant chemical odors, we offer two types of formulations: fast-acting (works in just 3 minutes) and sensitive skin (works in 5 minutes). We tailor our formulations and fragrances to meet your specific needs, providing a customized and high-quality hair removal experience. Discover the gentle and effective hair removal solutions with PCH Industries.


Experience professional-grade hair removal with our hot wax formulations. We offer a diverse range of formulas and fragrances to meet your specific needs, ensuring a superior hair removal experience. Our hot wax is designed for professional results, providing effective and gentle hair removal tailored to your preferences. Discover the best in customizable, high-quality hot wax solutions with PCH Industries.


Discover our comprehensive foot care range, designed to meet all your needs. From anti-perspirant spray deodorants and refreshing foot vaporizers to all-in-one hydrating creams and natural foot scrubs for exfoliation, we offer diverse solutions. Our formulations can be tailored to your specifications, ensuring effective and customized foot care. Experience the best in personalized, high-quality foot care products with PCH Industries.


Indulge in our diverse body care range, offering 97% natural body lotions, pharma-quality lotions, luxurious body butters, and comprehensive body scrubs. Each product is designed to provide optimal care and nourishment, and our formulations can be customized to meet your specific needs. Experience the ultimate in personalized, high-quality body care with PCH Industries.

Hand Care Range

Discover our top-quality hand care range, featuring formulations with up to 98% natural ingredients. We customize formulations and fragrances to cater to atopic, sensitive, dry, and extra-dry skin, providing the perfect solution for your needs. Experience personalized and high-quality hand care with PCH Industries.

New Product arrivals

At PCH Industries, we continually innovate across all product categories. If you present us with a request, we will strive to exceed your expectations by developing new products or adapting existing ones to different markets. Whether it’s deodorants, depilatory products, foot care, body care, or hand care, our commitment to quality and customization ensures we meet your needs. Explore the latest additions and tailored solutions designed just for you.
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